Les Grèves

Les Grèves is among the largest of 44 Premier Cru climats in the Burgundian appellation Beaune. This 31.3-hectare (77.3-acre) site is planted mostly to Pinot Noir, making full-bodied reds. A few spicy, nutty white wines are also made in the vineyard from Chardonnay.

The vineyard on the midslope of the Cote d’Or overlooking the streets and houses of Beaune itself. It is flanked by Les Teurons and Les Toussaints. The separate, much smaller Sur les Grèves Premier Cru lies to the south, bordering the top rows of Les Grèves.

The slope in this part of Beaune is considered the best terroir in the commune. Les Grèves is named for its gravelly soils, which are based on limestone and provide excellent drainage for the vines. A lack of water and nutrients in the topsoil encourages deep root growth in order to reach hydration from the rock below. The soil makeup is often given as the reason for the weight and depth of Beaune Premier Cru wines.

A gentle, southeasterly exposure gives the vines plentiful sunshine during the day, which helps with the development of sugar and phenols in the grapes. This is tempered by cooler evenings, which slow this ripening process and leads to a retention of acidity, making for balanced wines.