Les Combettes

Les Combettes is one of Puligny-Montrachet’s most northerly Premier Cru climats. Located on the midslope of the Côte d’Or, it has a stony limestone terroir, which is excellent for growing the Chardonnay grapes to which it is planted. Les Combettes Premier Cru wines generally combine the racy minerality of Puligny with the rounder body of Meursault, which lies on the climat’s northern border.

The 6.7 hectare (17 acre) vineyard site is sandwiched between Champ Canet above to the northwest and Les Referts lower down the slope, to the southeast. Meursault’s Charmes vineyard lies to the northeast while opposite is scrubland (with Les Perrières beyond).

While not as steep as the vineyards higher on the hill, Les Combettes still benefits from a gentle slope, which gives it a good aspect to the morning sunlight, as well as good groundwater drainage.

Les Combettes has thin marly soils with some clay. This is considered as the best kind of soil for Chardonnay, as it provides plenty in the way of minerals while doing away quickly and freely with excess water.

Wines from Les Combettes are often considered as a kind of crossover between Puligny and Meursault, displaying features of both. It is considered among the best Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru vineyards, commanding high scores from critics and correspondingly high prices.