Les Caillerets

Les Caillerets is a Premier Cru climat of the Volnay appellation in the Cote de Beaune. It is one of Volnay’s pre-eminent vineyards, due to the high quality of the terroir, which is well suited to Pinot Noir. Caillerets Premier Cru wine is subtle and elegant, but with good concentration and complexity with notes of spice and red berry fruits.

The vineyard is on the southern boundary of Volnay, adjacent to the Santenots climat (which, despite its classification as a Volnay Premier Cru, is actually in the Meursault commune). Champans lies on a similar part of the slope just to the north, while Clos des Chenes is on the slope of the Cote d’Or above. Les Caillerets is a rather fragmented vineyardas it comprises the Caillerets Dessus and En Caillerets lieux-dits, and the walled Clos des 60 Ouvrees can be found in the vineyard’s northwest corner.

Les Caillerets gets its name (“The Small Pebbles”) from the light-reflecting stones that make up a distinctively high proportion of its soils. These are limestone dominant, particularly at the top of the slope, and offer excellent drainage. This means vines are forced to grow deep roots into the limestone to get at hydration and nutrients, which lessens the vines’ vigor and yield and makes for small, concentrated berries, perfect for vinification.

The mesoclimate of the vineyard is made suitable for viticulture by the aspect which faces vines toward the southeast and consequently the rising sun. This is enough sunlight to encourage slow, even ripening, but the grapes are shielded from the harsher afternoon sun. Acidity is retained in the berries as a result, bringing balance to the finished wine.

Les Caillerets wines’ Premier Cru status means that growers are held to higher winemaking standards than the simple village wines by the INAO. Only if they meet these standards are they allowed to append the Premier Cru designation to their wines, along with the individual vineyard’s name.