Les Boudots

Aux Boudots is one of the northernmost Premier Cru climats in the Nuit-Saint-Georges appellation in Burgundy. The vineyard, planted to Pinot Noir, is on the border of the Vosne-Romanee commune, and Aux Boudots Premier Cru wines are often considered to be more aligned with those of Vosne-Romanee than Nuits-Saint-Georges.

The 6.5 hectare (16ac) vineyard lies on the midslope of the Cote d’Or, just below the much steeper slopes of the Les Damodes Premier Cru climat. Aux Malconsorts, one of Vosne-Romanee’s best Premier Cru sites lies along Aux Boudots’ northern border, while the smaller Aux Cras climat is to the south.

The terroir here is essentially a continuation of Aux Malconsorts, as both vineyards lie on a fairly homogenous slope. Aux Boudots’ favorable sunlight exposure is a direct result of this slope, as vines are angled toward the morning sun. Grapes have plentiful time to develop ripeness in this sunshine, while cooler evenings aid with the retention of acidity. This gives rise to well-balanced wines with good flavor complexity.

Aux Boudots’ thin soils consist of gravel, crumbly limestone marl and a small amount of clay. This fragmented soil, along with the natural slope of the vineyard, gives good drainage, making sure that vines do not receive excessive water. Instead, vines have to grow deep into the ground in search of hydration, a process which lessens vigor and reduces grape yields. This ultimately leads to the production of small, concentrated berries which make excellent wines.