La Truffière

La Truffière is a Premier Cru vineyard located in Puligny-Montrachet. It produces white wines from the Chardonnay grape variety.

The land covered by the title is at the northern end of the commune, near the boundary with Meursault and Blagny and just above the Les Folatières vineyard. La Truffière was, until recently, a scrubby, forested patch on the hill and an abundant source of truffles, the black fungi that were among the favorite delicacies of the Burgundian nobility. This has given the climat its name, although the truffles have been replaced in the past 50 years by grapes.

La Truffière reaches as high as 320 meters (1,050ft) above sea level, elevating it above most of Puligny-Montrachet’s most famous vineyards. While the slope gives vines a sunny exposure, there are more cooling influences this high: sunshine during the day is tempered by much cooler evenings. Accordingly, La Truffière wines tend towards fresh minerality rather than rich fruit.

The limestone soils, once perfect for truffle production, have been repurposed into an excellent terroir for winegrowing. A light, pebbly marl covers a hard limestone subsoil and water is prevented from pooling by both the slope and the porosity of the soil. Vigor and yields are lessened as a result, and the dry topsoil readily absorbs warmth during the day, creating a thermal layer over the grapes in the evening.