La Chapelle

La Chapelle is an Auxey-Duresses Premier Cru title in the Côte de Beaune sub-region of Burgundy. It is made up of sections from the Les Bréterins and Reugne vineyard sites. Collectively, a handful of red, Pinot Noir, wines are made under the three designations.

The vineyards may cite their own Premier Cru status on labels or use that of the La Chapelle climat. A wine combining both sources must obviously be labelled as La Chapelle.

The La Chapelle title itself covers almost 1.3 hectares (3.2 acres), taking just over 0.2 (0.5 acres) hectares from the 1.9 hectare (4.7 acre) Les Bréterins and a little more than 1 hectare (2.5 acre) of the 3 hectare (7.4) Reugne site.

The commune’s Premier Crus are located in one block to the north and northeast of the village itself. They lie on the slopes of the Montagne de Bourdon hillside, which enjoys an excellent south and southeast aspect.